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#10 – We Are There For You

Posted on: November 16, 2020 | by: admin

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Lawyer for Expungement

Reason 10: We Are There For You After Your Record is Expunged

We stand behind our work, and we are available to our clients for questions or advise after their case. If an expunged record shows up in a private background check, we will advise how to notify the source to have it removed, or we will contact them directly to demand they correct their records. In rare cases, the prosecutor may appeal an expungement, and we are available to represent our clients at the Court of Appeals.

Our firm exists to provide people second chances in life. And life may throw you a curve from time to time. Our goal is to establish a relationship with you through the expungement process and provide service and representation for you if the need ever arises.

If you are researching the process of expungement or haven’t contacted us about expunging your Ohio conviction, start with a free consultation today. Put our experience of helping hundreds of people each year to work and put the mistakes from your past behind you with the peace of mind an expungement can provide.

Greg Mathews