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Record Expungement and Sealing Services & Fees

If you have a criminal record, how much will it cost you not to have an expungement in loss of             opportunities, jobs, or advances?

What Do Our Legal Services Include?

Preparation and Court Proceedings:You will be represented by a licensed Ohio attorney and your private information will be protected by attorney-client confidentiality. We start immediately after we are hired and stay on top of your case to process it promptly. We will investigate your case, gather all information, handle all legal filings with the court, deal with objections by the prosecutor, and go to court for hearings. When the court grants an expungement, we’ll provide you certified copies of the Court’s Order.

Removal of Public Records: After we obtain an expungement / sealing for our client, we make certain the records are removed from the local county public records. Further, we serve the Court Order of Expungement on the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BCI&I) to be certain the records are removed at the State Level, and so that the State will properly serve the FBI (when applicable).

Notification of Background Check Companies to Remove Record: We serve over 140 major criminal background data companies in the USA that provide information to the hundreds of background check companies that exist. We serve these private background check agencies with a copy of the Court Order of Expungement to notify them to remove any record of the case in their data bases.

We Are There For You After The Expungement: We are available to our clients for questions or advise after their case. If a record later shows up in a public or private background check, we will advise you how to notify the source to have it removed, or we will contact that agency directly to demand they correct their records. If an agency refuses to cooperate, we are available to represent our clients to sue for money damages and make them comply. In rare cases, the prosecutor’s may appeal an expungement and sealing of record and we are available to defend our client’s victories at the Court of Appeals. We have a record of success in those courts.

Our Fees:


  • We have a simple fee agreement with no hidden charges.
  • FREE consultation to determine eligibility for expungement.
  • If you don’t know your case information, we can research your case for a fee of $50.00 . If you hire us to expunge and seal your record, this research feewill be credited toward your case fee.

Our Usual Fees (Fees may vary depending on the county and the case*):

Misdemeanor Expungements: starting at $475

Felony Record Expungements: starting at $650

Court Filing Fees: Filing fees for most counties in Ohio range from $50 – $200*.

* Please be advised that these fees are estimates only. We will need specific information about your case before we can quote an exact fee. These costs are for illustration only, and are not intended to constitute a contract or offer of employment services in your case.