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Below is a list of serious traffic offenses in Ohio.

  • 4510.11 Driving under suspension or in violation of license restriction (when suspension based on OVI only)
  • 4510.14 Driving under OVI suspension 4511.19 Operating vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs – OVI
  • 4511.251 Street racing
  • 4549.02 Stopping after accident on public roads or highways (hit skip)
  • 4549.021 Stopping after accident on other than public roads or highways (hit skip)
  • 4549.03 Stopping after accident involving damage to realty or personal property attached to real property (hit skip)
  • 4549.042 Sale or possession of master key designed to fit more than one moto vehicle
  • 4549.41 Odometer rollback and disclosure act (definitions)
  • 4549.42 Tampering with or disconnection of odometers
  • 4549.43 Sale or use of fraudulent odometer
  • 4549.44 Operating with disconnected or nonfunctional odometer
  • 4549.45 Written notice of tampering or nonfunction
  • 4549.46 Written odometer disclosure statement
  • 4549.62 Offenses with purposes to conceal or destroy identity
  • Any FELONY violation of motor vehicle laws of Title 45 of the Ohio Revised Code