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You can have a shoplifting conviction sealed and expunged in Ohio.

Sealing of ShopLifting Conviction

Posted on: March 9, 2021 | by: admin

Can a shoplifting conviction be expunged?

A shoplifting conviction may be a major red flag to prospective landlords, creditors and employers. Since shoplifting is a crime that reflects on your character, also known as moral turpitude, a shoplifting charge popping up on a background check can be devastating. Many of our clients have lost out on jobs, loans, and home opportunities because of a minor theft conviction from when they were younger.

Sealing a Retail Theft Conviction

Our firm helps clients who have been convicted of shop lifting in Ohio. We have been successfully won cases of single and multiple convictions for shop lifting and retail theft.

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A lot has changed in the last 5 years as it relates to expungement law in Ohio. You need a firm that specializes in sealing of criminal convictions and stays current on all legislative updates. Our firm has successfully represented 1000’s of clients in the application, representation and notification to background check companies. If you are living under the shadow of a previous conviction for shoplifting, start with our free online consultation to see if you are currently eligible.