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Expunging a Marijuana Drug possession

Sealing a Marijuana Conviction

Posted on: January 25, 2021 | by: admin

Expungement of Marijuana Related Convictions

If you have an old conviction for possession or abuse of marijuana on your criminal record, you may be eligible to have that record expunged or sealed. When a potential employer, landlord or creditor pulls a background report, marijuana possession convictions will show up on that report, and while your conviction may be from 20 years ago, it still tells a story about your past.

From our experience, many of these convictions are from youthful indiscretions in high school or college, which often result in a plea deal from the prosecutor’s office that reduces that charge, avoids jail or hefty fines,  and effectively puts the incident in the rear view mirror. What our clients often find though is that what they thought was resolved shows up on background checks, which can be embarrassing.

Ohio’s state legislature has passed updates to the Ohio expungement statutes which expand the eligibility for many offenses, including marijuana possessions. An expungement, or record sealing, simply means that the offense can be erased from public records as if the conviction never occurred. This process can be complex and require a court hearing to demonstrate that the conviction was a mistake, but once the process is complete, your background check will be cleared of any embarrassing surprises.

Here is what one of our clients who we helped with a marijuana charge had to say:

The decision to choose Greg Mathews as attorney in my expungement process was the best I could have made. I felt supported, encouraged, and confident throughout the process. Mr. Mathews and team were always available and happy to answer questions for me throughout the case, and beyond. I am grateful for their dedication and work with me!   – S.C.

If you have an Ohio minor misdemeanor or misdemeanor for possession of marijuana on your record, our team can help you put that conviction behind you for good.

Get started with our free online eligibility test to get started. Once we receive your completed test, you will receive a proposal that will cover your application, expungement documents, oral hearing representation (if applicable) and submission to background companies instructing them to remove your record based on the court order.