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Sealing of Employee Theft & Embezzlement in Ohio

Our clients seeking expungement and sealing for Embezzlement or Employee Theft are typically good people, who were in difficult financial times and made a choice to embezzle money, which they now regret.  Typically, these cases begin with a person taking money from their employer to cover some urgent personal expense, but they intended to pay it back later.  Their conduct was discovered, and it resulted in charges ranging from Misdemeanor 1st Degree, or up to Felony 5th degree, Felony 4th Degree, or Felony 3rd degree.  Because Embezzlement and Employee Theft are considered a breach of trust, a criminal record for these charges can cause severe impact to a person’s reputation and employment opportunities.

Simple to Complex – Employee Theft / Embezzlement Can Be Expunged

We have handled expungement and sealing for embezzlement and employee theft involving many situations. Some have been simple theft of hundreds or thousands of dollars.  While other cases are more complex white-collar embezzlement involving large amounts of money.  Examples of our cases include.

  • Theft from cash register
  • Falsifying store returns or gift card purchases to take the cash
  • Stealing employee merchandise and selling it on-line
  • Cashing checks of an employer and keeping the funds
  • Altering accounting records and deposits and keeping the cash
  • Theft in office from government or non-profit organizations
  • Credit card charges or withdraws from business accounts for personal use
  • Embezzlement from professional client accounts

Our Clients Recommend Us – We Work Hard to Help Our Clients

I hired Greg to possibly seal a F5 felony. I had a previous conviction that courts sometimes say exclude me from being able to seal any records. Greg was honest with me and let me know that he could not guarantee success but that he was willing to work hard to help me. He was well prepared for the court hearing, and the court ruled to seal the record. 🙂 This was a very stressful and embarrassing process to go through, however, Greg was easy to work with and didn’t make me feel dumb for my past mistakes. It was and is clear to me that Greg cares about his clients. I highly recommend Greg.


I Learned My Lesson and I Not the Same Person – How Do I Get a Fresh Start?

Ohio Expungement Law (Ohio Revised Code 2953.31 and following sections) allows an eligible offender with one or multiple employee theft or embezzlement convictions to have their criminal record sealed. Expungement / Sealing is legal process under Ohio law which allows a person to have all public records of prior criminal records cleared, and their court file sealed.  Something our law firm does, that other firms do not do, is we notify private background check companies of our client’s expungements so that they will up-date their records as well.  Expungement is a valuable tool to restore and protect your reputation, help you obtain a job, secure a student loan, rent an apartment, obtain a loan, or simply prevent a nosy neighbor from looking into your past.

Ohio Record Sealing and Expungement Attorney

Expungement and Record Sealing of an embezzlement or employee theft record is an excellent way for you to close a chapter on a past mistake and move forward with your life. We can help you get a second chance. Our law firm has been in business since 1988 and we know the laws related to Ohio expungement and sealing. Contact us for a confidential and free expungement consultation.