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Can Convictions Reduced From OVI/DUI be Expunged?

YES, under the right conditions.  This relief became available because of an amendment to Ohio’s Expungement / Sealing Statute in 2014.  Regardless, many judges, prosecutors, and attorneys are not familiar with this procedure under the expungement statute.  We have had many clients contact us who have been turned down by other attorneys who advised them they were not eligible, when in fact they were eligible for a reduced OVI/DUI expungment.  We have had clients denied an expungement by a lower court, which we appealed we won the appeal.  Not every reduction from an OVI or serious traffic case is eligible, but we know the law and when the narrow exception for this relief applies under the statute.

**NOTE: A final conviction of OVI or DUI is not eligible for expungement in Ohio. This article relates to convictions that have been Reduced from an initial charge of OVI/DUI.

Put Our Experience & Knowledge on Your Side

As former prosecutors and experienced defense attorneys, with an emphasis in expungement, we monitor changes to understand developments that can make a person eligible for expungement. We research carefully, file briefs, oppose prosecutors’ objections, and prepare our clients for testimony at the hearing for their case. As a result, we have successfully convinced Judges of our legal arguments, and we won these types of cases in multiple Counties in Ohio.

Our Clients Say It Best

Several years ago I plead guilty to reckless operation, which was offered to resolve an OVI charge. I have no prior criminal history and no prior driving infractions. As I suspect many people in this unfortunate situation do, I got caught up in the overwhelming desire to “make it go away” by taking the “deal” advocated by my then attorney. It is hard to fully appreciate the negative impact even a reckless operation conviction will have on one’s record. In my case, the negative personal and professional impact only became clear over the ensuing years.

As I looked into options, several reputable attorneys – including the attorneys that represented me during the OVI – advised me it was not possible to seal my conviction. Mathews & Gill was the only firm that said it was possible.

Greg Mathews knew the law, filed detailed briefs, and overcame an objection from the Prosecutor. My sealing was granted and my clean record was restored! Aside from the tremendous personal relief of fully putting this terrible experience behind me, there are also innumerable other benefits to restoring my clean record ranging from professional opportunities to international travel.

Greg Mathews and the entire team at Mathews & Gill were professional, expedient, and competent at every step of the way. A pleasure to work with through a difficult experience. I cannot recommend them enough! My sincere thanks to the team! – S.M.

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Don’t let an old record from an OVI or serious traffic charge hold you back. We can help you get a second chance. Our law firm has been in business since 1988, and we know the laws related to Ohio expungement and sealing.  We handle cases in all Ohio Counties. Take our on-line free expungement consultation today to determine if you are eligible.