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Why Expunge and Seal RSP Receiving Stolen Property

Receiving Stolen Property (RSP) occurs when a person receives, retains, or disposes of property of another person that has been obtained through the commission of a theft offense.  This can occur when a person knows the property was stolen.  However, sometimes a person may not know for certain the property was obtained by theft, but they should have had reason to believe the property was stolen.  While it may not have been intentional, many people fall into this second category, but the conviction is no less damaging to their future.

A conviction of Receiving Stolen Property is considered a theft related offense.  An RSP record will have a negative impact on a person’s reputation, and they will be presumed to be dishonest, immoral, or not trustworthy. Although the RSP charge may have occurred years ago, RSP convictions are a big problem when it comes to getting a job, professional license, renting an apartment, and other opportunities. These convictions stay on the public records for everyone to see until the record is cleared by the legal process of expungement and sealing.

Case Examples of Recent Expungement Victory for RSP

We have represented many people with different circumstances and degrees of seriousness, from Misdemeanor 1st degree up to Felony 5th degree, Felony 4th degree, and Felony 3rd degree offenses.  Some cases were intentional, such as a case where a client used receipts taken from a store to make on-line purchases.  Other cases were more of a result of being careless. One client bought used textbooks at a huge discount in college that had been stolen.  In another case, a client traded an old car for an ATV.  Later, when he was being arrested, the police informed him the ATV was stolen.  In an unusual case, a husband and wife bought two puppies and the puppies turned out to be stolen.

Unfortunately, all these people were convicted of Receiving Stolen Property, and suffered terrible consequences in their lives.  Later they realized they needed a fresh start and contacted our law firm.  Some of our clients now live in other countries or other states. Most of them discovered their RSP record was showing up in background checks and making it difficult to get a job.  When a client could not return to Ohio for their hearing, we filed all documents and obtained permission of the Court, so our client did not have to travel back to Ohio for the hearings.  In other cases, our clients appeared at court with us for the hearings.

Our recent RSP Client

It was a pleasure working with Attorney Mathews and his staff at www.OhioExpungementLaw.com  They were very responsive and took swift action and went above and beyond to successfully expunge my record. I paid a flat rate for the service and my case ended up being more complex than originally thought and they didn’t charge anything additional. I can’t speak highly enough of this firm. I highly recommend!   –  Yours Truly, B.D.

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