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Is Public Indecency eligible for Expungement & Record Sealing in Ohio?

Yes, if the conviction occurred before October 10, 2007; OR the conviction happened after October 10, 2010 and the victim of the offense was eighteen years of age or older.  Although these records are eligible for expungement, a person must still prove to the Judge at their expungement hearing they meet all other requirements under Ohio Revised Code 2953.32 to be granted an expungement.

Ohio Public Indecency Statute

In my years as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, I have seen a variety of circumstances where someone is charged with public indecency.  One thing is common to all these people, they never realized it would be so damaging to their reputation and employment opportunities.  This is due to the ominous language described by Ohio’s Public Indecency statute, including: Expose a person’s private parts; Engage in sexual conduct or masturbation; Engage in conduct that to an ordinary observer would appear to be sexual conduct or masturbation; or doing any of these to lure a minor into sexual activity.

Depending on whether the person’s conduct was reckless or done knowingly, the crime can range from a Misdemeanor charge to a felony charge.  As a result, some people may commit public indecency mistakenly or without any malicious intent, but they may be associated with more severe criminal conduct described under the same statue.

Examples of Expunging Public Indecency Records

We have successfully expunged Public Indecency Charges for people who mistakenly thought they were out of sight of others and went around the side of a building to relieve themselves.  We have had a case were a person was jogging on a deserted trail and stripped down for a quick swim in a lake to cool off.  And of course, we have had to seal charges where consenting adults thought they were parked in an isolated area and became intimate.

We have also had more complex public indecency charges expunged.  Many of these cases involve police sting operations that draw people into unlawful conduct, or where people have had mental health issues that lead them to act in an inappropriate manner but later went on to receive counseling and become healthy contributing members of society.

What Our Client’s Say:

I am so happy … I no longer have to worry about it being the big black mark on my record. I will be forever grateful to you and your firm for helping me finally get my life back. 


Attorney Greg Matthews and his paralegal are the best at what they do.  I was from another state but had made a mistake in Ohio years ago that was affecting my ability to pursue a new career.  My case was met with stiff opposition, but Greg prepared a strong argument for my expungement.  At the oral hearing both the prosecution and the judge ultimately ruled in my favor.  Greg told me before the hearing that he hates to lose and was going to give it his all, and I can assure everyone that he means what he says.  This is a great team and they possess a high understanding of the inner workings of Ohio expungement law.  They are only a phone call away and are definitely worth talking to because it could open up new doors for your future. 


Expungement and Sealing Can Give You a Fresh Start

Whether it resulted from a poor choice when a person was younger, or a mental health issue that has since been resolved, a conviction for Public Indecency can be embarrassing and damaging to one’s reputation and career.  Do not continue to live in fear that this old record may be discovered by family, friends, or your employer with a just few clicks of a mouse.  Expungement and Sealing of a public indecency record can offer a clean slate and peace of mind.

The Ohio Attorney for Expungement and Record Sealing

We have over 30 years of success stories detailing how we’ve obtained expungements for our clients. Expungement and Sealing of a record for public indecency is an excellent way for you to put an old mistake behind you. Our law firm has been in business since 1988.  Let us put our experience to work for you.   For a confidential free expungement consultation, contact us today