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As a former prosecutor, and in 30 years of criminal defense work, I have found most solicitation and prostitution charges usually have similar fact pattern. Police receive complaints about a certain website, hotels, or part of town where solicitation for sex or prostitution is occurring. To crack down on this, law enforcement run sting operations with undercover officers to catch people in the act.  To do this, police use adult chat rooms or websites where officers pose as a person offering escort services or sex for hire. The other common tactic is officers working the street posing prostitutes and flagging someone down to entice them to pull over and then proposition them.

Police officers are educated and trained in these solicitation and prostitution stings and have become very convincing.    Unfortunately, in some cases, people are induced to commit a crime that they would not have committed without the strong encouragement of the undercover officer. Many people caught soliciting are good people who had a lapse of judgement; or at the time of the offense or were going through a difficult time in their life.

Solicitation is eligible for expungement

A conviction for Solicitation or Prostitution can be particularly embarrassing, which requires discreetness and professionalism.  The charge may have occurred as a youthful indiscretion or arisen after a breakup of a relationship, and years passed since the conviction.  Now, this person has a promising career, a family with children, or other opportunities that are jeopardized if the old record is discovered on the internet with a just few clicks of a mouse.  Expungement and Sealing of a solicitation or prostitution record can offer a clean slate and peace of mind.

We’ve helped clients put this type of conviction behind them

I am so happy to hear that my case has already removed from the online court records website! I no longer have to worry about it being the big black mark on my record. I will be forever grateful to you and your firm for helping me finally get my life back. 


I am so grateful to Attorney Mathews. I had a misdemeanor charge and a dismissed misdemeanor charge both of which he was able to have successfully expunged, one was even granted without going to court. I live out of state and everything was handled professionally and discreetly without me having to make the trip to Ohio. His paralegal is wonderful, they are very knowledgeable and made the process easy and less stressful. I cannot thank both of them enough!!


Thank you for all of the work you did for me I now can continue to move forward with my life and put that mistake behind me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

– B.G.

Success Stories in Sealing/Expungement of Prostitution & Soliciting

In a recent case, we had a middle-age professional who met a person he thought was an interesting person on-line and after a few encounters, they eventually agreed to meet at a hotel, where he was arrested for solicitation.  His family and job were on the line.

In another case, we represented a lady ready to graduate from college and begin her career, but she had a history of prostitution and related convictions.

In both cases, we prepared our clients for court and presented evidence that demonstrated that they had moved past their mistakes and had become contributing members of their community.  After the expungement hearings in each case, our client’s solicitation and prostitution records were expunged and sealed.   Our one client was able to move on quickly and quietly from a bad decision and avoid losing his career and family.  Our other client graduated from college and is now pursuing her career.  They were both relieved to have a second chance and fresh start.

Don’t let a solicitation or prostitution charge hang over your head

Put the past behind you. We can help you get a second chance. Our law firm has been in business since 1988, and we know the laws related to Ohio expungement and sealing.   Take our on-line free expungement consultation today to determine if you are eligible.