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Ohio Expungement Resources and FAQs

Information about Felony and Misdemeanor Expungement

Recent Wins in the Last Year

The legal landscape changed dramatically with the passage of OH HB1. In the last year, we have seen some very complicated cases and wanted to share are HB1 cases involving multiple convictions.

What is Record Expungement?

Record expungement is the legal process in Ohio where individuals with prior criminal convictions can have their convictions sealed from public view, particularly background checks that are run for jobs, housing, and professional pursuits.

Learn the definition of expungement, and learn how Ohio treats the expungement of criminal records.

Record Expungement vs. Criminal Record Sealing?

There is a difference between expunging and sealing a criminal record. Expungement removes the record from public databases completely, whereas sealing a record prevents the record from discovery in a public database.

Learn the difference between expungement and the sealing of a criminal record in Ohio.

Columbus Expungement Team

Our team represents hundreds of clients each year in Columbus and the metro area. If you have a conviction in a municipal or mayor’s court in the Columbus DMA, our Columbus expungement team can help.

Application for Expungement

Learn about the expungement application process and various court requirements. Learn more about the application for expungement.

How to Apply for Record Expungement?

The process for applying for expungement in Ohio can be complex, depending on the number and type of convictions. Since expungement is a legal proceeding, applicants should work with legal counsel to navigate the process for optimal outcomes.

Learn more about the record expungement process.

Can I Reapply for Expungement?

Many applicants we talk to have previously applied for expungement and have been denied. Recent changes to the law have eased requirements, so there has never been a better time to reapply for an expungement in Ohio.

How Does an Expungement Hearing Work?

The expungement hearing is one of the main steps in the expungement process. Learn what to expect during the expungement hearing.

We also get questions about having to attend a hearing. Read our answers to two questions about going to court for an expungement application.

What are Expungement Forms?

The expungement process in Ohio can be complex and knowing what expungement forms need filed is part of the process. Our firm knows how to handle the expungement application process and can help you navigate it.

Cincinnati Expungement Team

Our team represents hundreds of clients each year in Cincinnati and the metro area. If you have a conviction in a municipal or mayor’s court in the Cincinnati area, our Cincinnati expungement team can help.

Felony Expungement

There are certain offenses that are eligible for expungement and some that are a little more complicated. Learn which convictions are felony expungement eligible.

What is Mayor’s Court Expungement?

The process of a mayor’s court expungement offers some unique challenges. The process takes place through the local Ohio mayor’s office, including the application for expungement, potentially a hearing, and the final verdict. Our firm has the experience to guide you through the process of mayor’s court expungement including the application forms, mayor’s court appearance, and oral arguments needed to persuade the mayor to grant an expungement.

Misdemeanor Expungement in Ohio

A misdemeanor conviction can be a mistake from the past, and can prevent you from obtaining a job. A misdemeanor expungement can help clear your record and apply with confidence.

In the past, applicants were limited by the number of misdemeanors on their criminal record, but recent changes to the Ohio expungement statute have expanded eligibility for people with multiple misdemeanors.

There are a number of common Misdemeanor charges that we represent, including Misdemeanor Theft, Passing Bad Checks, Shoplifting, Simple Assault, Campus Arrests, Domestic Violence, Marijuana Possession & more.

Toledo Expungement Team

Our team represents hundreds of clients each year in Toledo and the metro area. If you have a conviction in a municipal or mayor’s court in the Toledo area, our Toledo expungement team can help.

Expungement of Dismissed Charges

A non-conviction of an offense can be just as difficult to clear as a conviction. A dismissed charge occurs when charges are filed against an individual, but are later dropped or dismissed by the court. Dismissed charges can still show up on a background check and should be expunged. Learn about the process of filing a petition for expungement of a dismissed charge.

Can a Court Deny Expungement for a Dismissed Charge?

From our experience, it is rare, but we have seen it happen. Learn why a judge may deny a request to expunge a dismissed conviction.

Is DUI Eligible for Expungement in Ohio?

Have you been convicted of DUI in Ohio? Depending on the final conviction, DUI presents specific legal challenges to a path for expungement. In most cases, DUI and OVI convictions are NOT eligible for expungement in Ohio. Learn about the delicate nature of these charges and how they relate to DUI Expungement.

What are the Benefits of Expungement?

Are you living with a past conviction that limits your employment opportunities? An expungement provides several benefits to applicants including better jobs, access to affordable housing, as well as various civil rights. Learn the benefits of expungement and the doors it can open for job opportunities.

There are also intangible benefits that can increase your quality of life.

Dayton Expungement Team

Our team represents hundreds of clients each year in Dayton and the metro area. If you have a conviction in a municipal or mayor’s court in the Dayton area, our Dayton expungement team can help.

Seal an Embezzlement Charge

An Ohio embezzlement charge can create issues for you as you look for employment. Since embezzlement is a crime of dishonesty, it can create trust issues for potential employers.

Seal a Prostitution or Solicitation Charge

We’ve helped clients who have been convicted of solicitation and prostitution put that embarrassing mistake behind them. If you have been charged with either, find out if you are eligible for sealing a prostitution/solicitation charge.

Who is an Eligible Offender for Expungement and Sealing of Record?

Ohio Senate Bill 337 redefined the Ohio expungement statute, removing the “First Offender” status from the law. Applicants instead must be determined to be “Eligible Offender”, meaning they have completed all of the requirements from the initial charge to become eligible for expungement. Learn the definition of “Eligible Offender” and the implications for Eligible offender expungement in Ohio.

Are Drug Trafficking Convictions Eligible for Expungement?

In Ohio, certain convictions of drug trafficking and possession are eligible for expungement, depending on the felony class that is determined by the type of drug, quantity, and location that the drugs were peddled.

Minor Misdemeanor Expungement Information

Have you been convicted of a minor misdemeanor? These minor convictions can have major implications for your job opportunities. Minor misdemeanor expungement can provide relief for these convictions.

What are the Restitution Requirements in Ohio?

The Ohio Supreme Court reviewed a case where the State challenged whether the defendant was required to complete restitution requirements to be eligible. Learn more about the ruling and how it affects expungement eligibility requirements in Ohio.

Who can view a sealed criminal record?

Most employers and landlords are not permitted to view a sealed record, but there are some exceptions.

Akron Expungement Team

Our team represents hundreds of clients each year in Akron and the metro area. If you have a conviction in a municipal or mayor’s court in the Akron area, our Akron expungement team can help.

What Convictions Are NOT Eligible for Expungement?

In Ohio, there are certain convictions that are not eligible for expungement. We’d encourage you to review the list and reach out to our team if you feel your situation falls in a gray area.

Fake ID convictions are a Misdemeanor in Ohio

Getting caught with a fake ID when you are underage can create problems for you down the road, but fortunately, these convictions are eligible for expungement in Ohio. Make sure that an old fake ID conviction is expunged.

Identity Theft Convictions

A conviction for stealing someone’s identity can be a major red flag to employers and lenders. Fortunately, convictions for identity theft may be eligible for expungement in Ohio.

Violations of Civil Protection Order

If you have a conviction for violating a civil protection order, that will show up on your criminal background check. In most cases, these convictions are eligible for expungement, with some exceptions of violence and personal harm.

Ohio SB 66 changes eligibility rules for convictions

As of Oct 29th, the SB 66 changes take effect, significantly expanding the number of convictions that are eligible for expungement.

College Arrest Expungement/Sealing

Arrests in college/university may not seem significant until they show up on a background report. Don’t let a campus arrest weigh you down – get the college arrest expunged from your record.

Sealing a Check Fraud Conviction

Crimes of check fraud can carry some stiff penalties, but since it’s a crime of dishonesty, a check fraud conviction can damage your reputation for years to come. We’ve helped others obtain expungement of check fraud convictions.

Expungement of a Shoplifting Conviction

A Shoplifting conviction may seem minor when you were in your teens, but that conviction can pop up when you apply for a job that requires a background check. Don’t let a shoplifting conviction embarrass you every time you apply for a new job.

Sealing a Receiving Stolen Property Conviction

Whether you knowingly or unknowingly received stolen property, the impact of the conviction can impact your life in many ways. Expunging a receiving stolen property conviction is a wise decision as these types of convictions create trust issues with potential employers and landlords.

How to Lose an Expungement Hearing

We have worked with thousands of clients on expungement matters and some have come to use after trying to apply on their own or after working with an inexperienced legal team. Learn how to lose an expungement hearing and how our experience can position you for success.

Appealing an Expungement Denial

If you tried to represent yourself in court, you may have a few options. Learn what steps you can take if you’ve been denied for expungement in an Ohio court.

Public Indecency Charges

A public indecency charge can be embarrassing and with charges ranging from misdemeanor to felony, this type of conviction can follow you around wherever you go.

Restoration of rights and privileges

A criminal conviction revokes valuable rights that we have as citizens in the state of Ohio, and many clients and prospects pursue expungement to win those rights back. Does expungement lead to rights restoration?

Traffic-Related Convictions

In most cases, a traffic-related conviction is not eligible for expungement, but there is always an exception to the rule.

Expunging a Theft Conviction

If you have been convicted of theft in Ohio, regardless of the value of what was stolen, that criminal record will follow you around until you apply to seal your theft conviction.

Sealing a Nonsupport of Dependent Conviction

A failure to pay child support or alimony can result in a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the level of delinquency, but a nonsupport conviction may be eligible for expungement in Ohio.

Cleveland Expungement Team

Our team represents hundreds of clients each year in Cleveland and the metro area. If you have a conviction in a municipal or mayor’s court in the Cleveland DMA, our Cleveland expungement team can help.

Smaller Municipalities

We also represent clients in smaller municipalities including Elyria, Reynoldsburg, Westerville, Lancaster, Newark, Mt. Vernon, and more. If you have a conviction in one of these or other municipalities, let our team represent your case in the local court.

Expunging F4 and F5 Felonies

With the expansion of eligibility under OH HB1, you may be eligible to have your F4 or F5 Felonies expunged and sealed from public record.