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Misdemeanor Theft Conviction or Charge Can be Expunged and Sealed in Ohio

Misdemeanor Theft Offenses Stay Public Records in Ohio Unless Expunged and Sealed

In Ohio some of the common Misdemeanor Theft Convictions include: Theft, Attempted Theft; Petty Theft – also known as shoplifting; Unauthorized Use of Property; Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle; Receiving Stolen Property; Forgery; and Passing Bad Checks.

Regardless of how misdemeanor theft charges may be resolved, the record of the original theft charges and disposition of the case will always be available for public view unless the records are expunged and sealed.  It does not matter if a person had a petty theft/shoplifting conviction 25 years ago or one week ago, the public records of the conviction remain available for anyone to see on the internet with just a few clicks of a mouse.  Further, people with misdemeanor theft-related convictions that have been reduced to a lesser offense, such as attempted theft, unauthorized use of property, disorderly conduct, or even a bond forfeiture, will still have a public record of the reduced charge along with the information of the original theft charge filed against them. In addition, people whose theft charge was dismissed because they completed a diversion program; were found not guilty; or simply dismissed for lack of evidence;  will have a lasting record of the original theft charges filed against them.

Negative Impact of Ohio Misdemeanor Theft Record

A record of a misdemeanor theft offense is particularly damaging to a person’s reputation and future. This is because theft offenses are classified as crimes of “moral turpitude.” Crimes of moral turpitude are different from other crimes because they are considered conduct that is immoral, or a type of behavior that virtually everyone considers to be wrong.  Crimes of moral turpitude are crimes that society generally views as wrong and reflects dishonesty or the intent to do evil.

If you have a criminal record for a misdemeanor theft offense, people will generally question your honesty and moral character even they may have never met you.  As a result, a record of a misdemeanor theft offense can have a negative impact on your ability to get a job, obtaining a professional license, obtaining loans, rent an apartment, impact your immigration status, and even be used to impeach your credibility if you testify at trial.

Misdemeanor Theft Conviction / Charge is Eligible to be Sealed in Ohio

Misdemeanor theft offenses in Ohio are eligible for expungement and sealing of the criminal record. This includes Petty Theft, Shoplifting, and Receiving Stolen Property, Unauthorized use of Property, Misdemeanor Theft, Unauthorized Use of Vehicle, and many other theft-related charges.  Ohio law allows people with misdemeanor theft convictions to have an expungement and sealing of their Ohio criminal theft record. Expungement, also known as sealing of record, is legal process under Ohio law which allows a person to have any and all public records to their prior criminal records cleared and there court file sealed.  Expungement and sealing of records is a valuable tool to restore and protect your reputation, help your job search, obtain a student loan, renting an apartment, obtaining a loan, or simply prevent a nosy neighbor from looking into your past.

A misdemeanor theft offense of shoplifting or misdemeanor theft may seem insignificant initially.  Often a person may be only required to pay a fine and cost.  However, it is usually not until later when they discover they can’t obtain employment or secure a student loan that they begin to realize the gravity of their situation. A person shouldn’t be judged based upon one or two incidents of misdemeanor theft that may have occurred in their life during a difficult time.   However, as long as a misdemeanor theft offense stays on their record, life will be harder and more difficult for their future. Criminal records never go away unless a legal action or expungement and sealing are filed and approved by the sentencing court where the misdemeanor theft offense occurred.   Expungement and sealing of a misdemeanor theft record request the court to order the removal of all public records of a conviction.  As a result, typically no record would show up in background checks and in most cases when this person is asked questions about criminal convictions, they could honestly answer “no.”  (There are some exceptions for law enforcement and particular employers)

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