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#4 – Knowledge is Power

Posted on: January 11, 2021 | by: admin

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Lawyer for Expungement

Reason 4: Knowledge is Power

The Judge has the discretion to determine whether they will grant, or deny, the application for sealing a criminal record, or expungement, based upon the evidence and arguments presented at the hearing. We know Ohio Expungement Law, and we have represented clients in court rooms all over the state of Ohio. That experience and expert knowledge of the expungement process, plus our commitment to stay current on the changes in Ohio expungement law is what provides our clients the best chance of getting their lives back on track.

Over the years, we have seen national legal firms setup expungement practices in Ohio. They have created satellite offices in the local area, with their primary operations headquartered in other states. Would you rather trust your future to a law firm that is trying to stay current on 20 different state expungement statutes, or a firm that specializes in the state that matters most to you? Our knowledge and experience in Ohio has provided hope to so many of our clients, and we look forward to providing the same support for your specific legal circumstances, starting with a free consultation.

Our Clients Value our Knowledge

I would like to address my experience with the law firm of Fusco, Mackey, Mathews, and Gill. I found the firm to be very caring, personable, and professional. I was provided with exceptional service, timely responses, and all legal matters were properly addressed. I recommend this firm and their highly capable staff for legal concerns.K.M.

The professionalism and vast knowledge of Greg and Sam helped me clear my record and get my life back on track. I highly recommend them for any expungement matter. They had me fill out a few forms to file with the court and they took care of the rest. H.J.

 Reason 5: We Go to Court With You