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Franklin County Ohio Expungement

If you have a juvenile or adult criminal record in Franklin County, Ohio,  you may be eligible to have the minor misdemeanor, misdemeanor or felony record expunged and the criminal record sealed.  The Expungement and Record Sealing process is also available for other types of criminal records,  Sealing of a Criminal Record, also known as Expungement of a Criminal Record is a legal proceeding to remove records of dismissed charges, no bill, bond forfeiture, as  well as minor misdemeanor, misdemeanor or felony charges.   Under the Ohio Expungement Statute, an “Eligible Offender” can have all references to public criminal records erased and the court file sealed.  Expungement is authorized by statutes of the Ohio Revised Code, sections 2953.32 and 2953.52.

Sealing of court files prevents criminal court files from being considered in employment, renting, housing, student loans, receiving a loan, or owning a firearm.  This is possible because an expungement removes public records of the offense and the court files are sealed and made inaccessible.  Clearing of criminal records will allow a person to pass  criminal background checks, and increases the ability to obtain or maintain employment. (There are some exceptions for certain types of employment.)   Expungement and record sealing can remove the following items from minor misdemeanor cases, misdemeanor cases, and felony cases.

  • charges files
  • dismissed charges
  • not guilty findings
  • acquittals
  • no bills by grand jury
  • bail forfeitures
  • criminal convictions

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Only a Franklin County Expungement attorney has the ability to successfully navigate all aspects of the process that is involved in the expunging and sealing of a criminal record.  Our firm provides attorneys with years of knowledge and experience and a successful history in representing people in expungement in Franklin County, and throughout Ohio.  Our firm is results oriented and is committed to helping our clients obtain a final Court Entry of Sealing and Expunging their record so that they can have the fresh start they need to succeed in life.  We recognize our clients are real people with families, jobs and dreams for the future.  We want to help

Our law firm has been in business since 1988, and our Ohio licensed expungement attorneys regularly represent clients in Franklin County. We are familiar with the system, and the courts and Judges in Franklin County. Our years of experience and knowledge in expungement make us prepared to handle any objections presented during the legal hearings.  We will fight objections because we know the law and we know the arguments typically presented by Franklin County Prosecuting Attorneys. Expungement is an emphasis in our law firm andwe are aware of the developments and changes in law affecting expungement and sealing of records. We will stand beside you, providing guidance and support through the entire expungement process, from petition filing to court hearing.  Choosing our law firm to expunge and clear your record is the next step in a commitment to a promising future.

Our law firm has reasonable rates with a free test to determine if you are eligible for an expungement. You can receive a free consultation about your eligibility for expungement with no obligation and no charge.  After researching your case, we provide you what our fee will be for your case without any hidden costs.  Other firms or internet expungement services claim to have the lowest cost guaranteed but in actuality, they have separate and multiple charges for different services, a method that results in steeper cost overall.  Our representation is unique because all the service we offer is included in one fee.

Expungement Services in Franklin County

Our firm provides expungement in Franklin County, including all the cities and areas listed below.  Our firm is knowledgeable of courts and Judges in Franklin County we are prepared for how to best deal with any unique facts or objections that might arise.

Blacklick -Estates
East Columbus
Grandview Heights
Grove City
Huber Ridge
Lake Darby
Lincoln Village
Marble Cliff
Minerva Park
New Albany
Upper Arlington
Valley Crossing
Valley View

Franklin County Ohio Record Sealing and Expungement Lawyers

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We are not an out of state law firm. Our Ohio law firm has been in business and located in central Ohio since 1988. We know Ohio laws related to Sealing of Criminal Record and Expungement. As trial attorneys and former prosecutors, we have the knowledge and experience to have your criminal record sealed. We handle expungement and record sealing cases in all 88 counties of Ohio.

Contact our Ohio law firm for a confidential and free consultation. Our law firm emphasizes expungement and record sealing of criminal records in Ohio.

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