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Franklin County Municipal Court

The Franklin County Municipal Court is located in downtown Columbus, Ohio at 375 South High Street Columbus, Ohio 43215.  The Franklin County municipal court is divided into the Criminal and Civil Divisions. The General Division has fourteen judges and six magistrates.  The Environmental Division has one judge and has all the duties of General Division, as well as exclusive jurisdiction over criminal and civil action to enforce zoning and safety codes enacted in places of human habituation. The Franklin County Clerk of Court serves both divisions.

Administrative functions of the court are overseen by Office of the Jury Commissioner, the Office of the Assignment Commissioner, and Probation Services, Small Claims division, Court Reporters, Court Security, Service Bailiffs, Courtroom Bailiffs, Language Interpretation program, Vehicle Immobilization Program, and the Volunteer Coordinator’s Office.   Expungement and Sealing of criminal records in the Franklin County Municipal Court are typically handled by the judge to which the case was originally assigned or the successor judge.  The prosecutors for Franklin County Municipal court and the Probation department submit information or memorandum to the court to raise objections to expungements.  The prosecutor assigned to the Judge will make arguments at the oral hearing.   Our law firm is regularly before the Judges in Franklin County Municipal Court on Expungement and Sealing proceedings.

The address for the court is as follows:

Franklin County Ohio Municipal Court
375 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Our firm provides attorneys with years of knowledge and experience and a successful history in representing people in expungement in Franklin County, and throughout Ohio.  Our firm is results oriented and is committed to helping our clients obtain a final Court Entry of Sealing and Expunging their record so that they can have the fresh start they need to succeed in life.  We recognize our clients are real people with families, jobs and dreams for the future.

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