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Ohio Expungement of Fake ID Conviction

Do you have a criminal record for having or using a fake ID when you were in college?  Perhaps you were charged for using a Fake ID to enter a bar or to purchase alcohol when you were under 21.  It was no big deal at the time – right?  But later… when applying for jobs or housing, you learned that the criminal conviction for a false ID is holding you back from many other opportunities.

You are not alone.  Many people don’t understand a fake ID conviction can lead to a permanent criminal record in Ohio. It is a misdemeanor of the first degree in Ohio for anyone to display, use, or attempt to use a fictitious ID.  Others who just lend their identification card to a friend are stunned when they are criminally charged for their conduct. Mere possession of a fictitious license or displaying someone else’s valid driver’s license is enough to be convicted under Ohio law. These charges are typically referred to as “Prohibitions”, “Certain Acts Prohibited”, or “Furnishing False Information”, under sections 4507.03 or 4301.634 under the Ohio Revised Code.

Fake ID – Common Offense but Serious Consequences for Your Future

Some cases are humorous, like our client who created fake driver’s licenses for himself and his friends.  His downfall was his choice of the name for his fake ID – “Al K. Hall”.   Years later, our client owns his own business and the old fake ID conviction was presenting problems from obtaining business loans and licensing, and it was a red flag in his background.

In another case, our 20-year old client wanted to attend a bachelorette party for a friend.  She purchased a fake ID off the internet so she could enter bars.  A bartender called the police when he determined her license was fake.  This client went on to finish her college degree but discovered her old record for a fake ID would prevent her from working in health care.

Convictions for these types of offenses are considered crimes of dishonesty that should be expunged and sealed so employers and the public will not view you as untrustworthy.

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Great firm to work with.  They made sure I had a case before taking my retainer.  They explained everything and were very timely and very informative through the whole expungement process.  I am very satisfied and would recommend giving them a call.  – K.J.

The prosecutor objected and filed motions opposing my expungement and sealing of record.  My attorney at OhioExpungementLaw.com fought for me and aggressively argued my case before the court.  We won and I now have a second chance to finish my college degree and pursue my career.  Thank you!    – B.J.

Thank you for all of the work you did for me.  I now can continue to move forward with my life and put that mistake behind me. Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  – B.G.

Ohio Expungement and Record Sealing Attorney

Don’t let an old mistake like a fake ID conviction hold you back. We can help you get a second chance with a record expungement. Our law firm has been in business since 1988, and we know the laws related to Ohio expungement and sealing.  We handle cases in all Ohio Counties. Take our free online expungement consultation today to determine if you are eligible.