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Shoplifting Expungement

Expunging a shoplifting conviction can protect your career options and reputation

In 30 years as an Ohio law firm, including former prosecutor and current defense lawyer, we have seen people mistakenly believe criminal records for shoplifting are just minor offenses. They don’t take it seriously until the conviction shows up in a background check for employment, an apartment, etc… Then it is too late, and they lose a job or other opportunities. We always recommend my clients have these criminal records professionally expunged/sealed as soon as they become eligible.

We’ve represented shoplifting convictions and have won

We passionately believe a person should not be judged based upon an old criminal record that doesn’t reflect who that person has become today. In a recent case, a client hired us to clear up records of multiple shoplifting convictions that occurred in different courts. Years had passed since their convictions, they had graduated from college, and completed graduate programs at the top of their class. However, their criminal record prevented them from obtaining employment. We worked with them to develop a plan of action so they would be in the best legal position to be successful. Due to the number of convictions, the Judges required us to appear for hearings and present legal arguments in support of our applications for expungement. Ultimately, we won each expungement case! Our work continued after the case as we notified government agencies and private background check companies to up-date their records to reflect that our client no longer had a conviction.

Attorney Gregory B. Mathews and his team at Mathews & Gill LLP helped me close a chapter of my life that no longer represents who I am today. I had misdemeanor records from when I was young that haunted me through adulthood. I could not get employment with large companies for years, no matter how qualified I was, because these records continued to pop up during a background check. I struggled with low-paying jobs for a long time. Finally, I decided to act and did a Google search on the expungement / sealing of records and found this law firm’s website on top of the search list. They made the process very simple, fast, and affordable. All I had to do was complete the necessary paperwork, appeared in court with Attorney Mathews, and my records were sealed. When an issue developed on one of my cases, Mr. Mathews was able to resolve it directly with the Judge. I am so glad and relieved that I was able to take action to seal my records through the assistance of Mathews & Gill LLP. Thanks to this law firm, I now have a new beginning and a much brighter future filled with numerous career opportunities. Overall, Mathews & Gill LLP provided me with an exceptional service that I will forever be grateful for. Truly, G.E.

What is expungement and record sealing?

It is a legal process under Section 2953.31 Ohio Revised Code which allows people to have records of prior criminal offenses cleared and their court file sealed. The Expungement Statute requires each application to be set for hearing before the court. This process is available for: dismissed charges, not guilty findings, acquittals, no bills by grand jury and bail forfeitures; as well as criminal convictions, in minor misdemeanor cases, misdemeanor cases, and felony cases. The Ohio record sealing statute states an expunged record “shall be considered not to have occurred” (O.R.C. 2953.32). In most cases, sealed / expunged records will not appear on background checks.

Rely on our experience with expungement of shoplifting convictions

We have over 30 years of success stories in obtaining expungements for our clients. Expungement and Sealing of a record for shoplifting or theft is an excellent way for you to put the past behind you and close a chapter on a past mistake. Our law firm has been in business since 1988 and we know the laws related to Ohio expungement and sealing. Start your journey with a confidential free expungement consultation today.