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Expungement Outcomes

Posted on: March 10, 2018 | by: admin

Understanding expungement outcomes

Your engagement with our firm starts when you submit your Free and Confidential Expungement Consultation. We work hard to evaluate your case and communicate our findings as quickly as possible with the information you provide. There are a few potential expungement outcomes that are common when you work with OhioExpungementLaw.

You are eligible

The first step in our process is to evaluate the conviction data that you provided. If the conviction or combination of convictions meet the requirements laid out by Ohio state law, your case is eligible for expungement.

The next step is to determine if you have completed the requirements laid out by the initial court ruling. These requirements include:

  • Completion of the state waiting period. The expungement waiting period in Ohio varies by conviction type, so making sure the appropriate time has passed is the first step to determining eligibility.
  • Probation or Community Control Completed. If your conviction included probation or community control, you must complete these as part of the original sentence.
  • Fines/Cost paid in full. If there were fines or court costs assessed during your conviction, they must be paid in full to be eligible for expungement.
  • Restitution requirements met. Some courts assess a restitution order (i.e. paying for damages related to the conviction) which is separate from Fines and Court costs. Restitution orders must be paid before you are eligible.

If you have met all these requirements, you are eligible to have your conviction sealed. Our firm will notify you through email and provide a simple, clear quote for our firm to represent you. Once you have returned a signed proposal and made a payment, we can get started.

You are eligible in the future

Some of our prospective clients meet the requirements for conviction type, however haven’t met all the requirements set by the original conviction order.  The most common example is the prospective client hasn’t met the waiting period requirement for their conviction type(s).

In these cases, we will let you know through email that your case appears to be eligible, but after conviction requirements have been met (i.e. You are eligible in June 2018). We’ll keep your information on file and reach out to you closer to your eligibility date.


Unfortunately, we’ve had many prospective clients with convictions that cannot be expunged based on the current Ohio expungement statutes. If you fall into this category, we will let you know through email that you are not eligible. This news can be difficult to hear, but we take our clients time and investment in this process seriously, and we do not want to provide hope for a case that cannot be sealed.

To learn more about disqualified convictions, see our full list of convictions that are not eligible for expungement as well as options for ineligible convictions.

Just Getting Started?

If you are just getting started, understanding the potential expungement outcomes will be important as you research your options. If you believe you have met the requirements listed above, take a few minutes and fill out our Free Online Consultation form.