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Possession of Marijuana Conviction

Sealing a drug possession record in Ohio

In Ohio, if you have a conviction for Possession of Marijuana, or a conviction for Drug Abuse, it is very important to obtain an Expungement and Sealing of your criminal record.  Although these charges may be minor misdemeanors or misdemeanor charges in Ohio, many people underestimate the long-term consequences of these charges. Having a conviction for a  Possession of Marijuana or Drug Abuse in Ohio creates a permanent criminal record that is readily available through public records.  As a result, anyone with an internet connection can find the record.  Having a record for Drug Abuse for Possession of Marijuana will raise red flags on background checks which can prevent you from getting a job, renting an apartment, obtaining financing for a house, receiving public benefits, obtaining student loans, and even owning a firearm.

In Ohio, Possession of Marijuana for having less than 100 grams is a minor misdemeanor is a minor misdemeanor. The penalty for a minor misdemeanor possession of marijuana is a $150 fine for first-time offenders, there is no jail sentence for this offense, but there is typically a license suspension imposed. Possession of Marijuana of 100 grams or more, but less than 200 grams is a misdemeanor of the fourth degree. This offense carries a sentence of up to 30 days in jail, up to a $250 fine, and license suspension.  Possession of marijuana more than 200 grams is a felony marijuana possession with potential prison time.  The average person who has been convicted of possession of marijuana or drug abuse is typically charged with a minor misdemeanor or misdemeanor possession.

All too often, people are charged with possession of marijuana or drug abuse as a young person, perhaps when they were in college. They were embarrassed and wanted to resolve the case quickly. Upon learning that a minor misdemeanor charge of Possession of Marijuana or Drug Abuse would only result in a fine and in some cases a license suspension, it seemed simple enough to plead guilty in order to be done with the case quickly and quietly.

Unfortunately, it is not until later that people become aware of the hidden consequences for pleading guilty to Possession of Marijuana or Drug Abuse in Ohio.  By that time, they may have been denied a job or lost financing for a home or even been turned down to volunteer in their child’s school.

Expungement and Sealing of Record for Possession of Marijuana and Drug Abuse can provide you a fresh start and second chance. By expunging or sealing a criminal record, the official court information about the your case will be removed from the public records and the court file sealed, and with some limited exceptions, your criminal record will not be available to employers and other agencies that inquire into your background. Regardless of the outcome of your case, even if the charge was dismissed, it is best to have the record cleared and the court file sealed so that it is no longer accessible to the public, including potential employers, universities, or financial institutions.

Don’t let a minor misdemeanor charge of Drug Abuse or Marijuana Possession ruin your life, your family, or your career future. You can’t afford to put off hiring an experienced Ohio expungement lawyer.  Contact our law firm for a confidential and free consultation to determine if you are eligible for an expungement and sealing of your record.