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“Nonsupport of Dependents” Expungement

Is this type of record eligible for expungement?

When a person in Ohio becomes delinquent in paying their court-ordered child support obligations, they face criminal prosecution under Ohio Revised Code 2919.21, Nonsupport or Contributing to Nonsupport of Dependents. This law makes it a crime for a person to abandon or fail to provide adequate support to their spouse, their child under 18 years of age, their handicapped child under 21 years of age, or their elderly parent. In Ohio, the statute is primarily used in criminal cases to enforce child support.

A criminal non-support charge can be filed as a misdemeanor charge, or felony charge, depending on the conduct and prior convictions. In most cases, the charge is a misdemeanor first degree for the first violation of non-support of dependents. However, if a person has prior convictions, the non-support charge becomes a Felony fifth degree or Felony fourth degree.  Penalties can range from 6 months in jail and $1,000 fine, or up to 18 months in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Impact of Nonsupport of Dependents Conviction in Ohio

A conviction for non-support of dependents is considered a serious offense by the public and employers, creating a red flag in background checks. Even if the conviction is old or you have since paid off all your support obligations, the record will cause obstacles with employment, professional license, renting an apartment, obtaining a loan, and many other opportunities. The record stays on public records for everyone to see until the record is cleared by the legal process of expungement and sealing.

We Help Clients Expunge and Seal Records for Nonsupport

One client came to us with a felony conviction for non-support that kept coming up in his background checks.  We helped position him to make sure he met the requirements to expunge this type of case.  When he completed the steps to become an Eligible Offender, we filed his application to seal his record and the court granted his expungement.  In another case, a client had an old conviction for nonsupport and was living in another state.  We were able to file a motion, so he did not have to come back to Ohio for the expungement hearing and we went to court for him.

Our Client Reviews

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