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We receive hundreds of questions every month regarding the eligibility requirements for Sealing Criminal records in Ohio. We have been able to help people in some cases where other law firms have declined to take their case or told them it could not be done. Other attorneys refer us to clients with difficult cases.  If you have been denied an expungement by a court before, we may be able to help.  Our highly accredited expungement research team pulls together the information required to accurately advise you whether you are eligible for an expungement and sealing of your record.

The more you know about your case, the faster we can move to have your criminal record sealed and expunged. If you know the name of your offense, degree of the offense, date of conviction, and the court where the caseBBB_A+ occurred, this information will help us prepare your case. And while each case will vary, our team is very quick to finalize the expungement process once eligibility requirements are met.

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Simply click the red button below “Am I Eligible” to begin your free confidential (see our Privacy Policy) and accurate expungement and sealing consultation.  This test will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete. You’ll be asked several questions regarding your case.  Accurate and honest answers will help us provide you with accurate advice quickly. At the conclusion of your Free Test, we’ll provide you with our findings, your status, and the cost associated with the sealing and expungement of your criminal record.