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ohiolaws teamWe are Ohio Criminal Defense Attorneys who have developed an emphasis in the area of Expungement and Sealing of Records. As a former prosecutor for the City of Columbus, a Special Prosecutor for Columbus and with over 25 years as a Criminal Defense Lawyer, Attorney Mathews’ broad familiarity of criminal law is a benefit to him in representing people who need an old criminal record cleared.

We are not some internet business or out of state law firm, who has never tried a criminal case in Ohio. We are trial lawyers who have been in business since 1988, and we stand behind our work. We have years of experience and established relationships. We are regularly before Ohio courts to expunge and seal our client’s criminal records.

What Do Our Legal Services Include?

We include all the services you need. We have a simple fee agreement with no hidden charges. Other out of state law firms or internet businesses may claim to have a low price guarantee, but don’t tell you that they have additional charges for services we include in our representation. Our representation includes 4 steps:

Preparation and Court Proceedings: You will be represented by a licensed Ohio attorney and your private information will be protected by attorney-client confidentiality. We start immediately after we are hired and stay on top of your case to process it promptly. We will investigate your case, gather all information, handle all legal filings with the court, deal with objections by the prosecutor, and go to court for hearings. When the court grants an expungement, we’ll provide you certified copies of the Court’s Order.

Removal of Public Records: After we obtain an expungement for our client, we make certain the records are removed from the local county public records. Further, we serve the Court Order of Expungement on the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BCI&I) to be certain the records are removed at the State Level, and so that the State will properly serve the FBI (when applicable).

Notification of Background Check Companies to Remove Record: We serve the major criminal background data companies that provide information to the many background check companies that exist. Further, we serve over 35 private background check agencies with a copy of the Court Order of Expungement to notify them to remove any record of the case in their data bases.

We Are There For You After The Expungement: We are available to our clients for questions or advise after their case. If a record later shows up in a private background check, we will advise you how to notify the source to have it removed, or we will contact that background check company directly to demand they correct their records. If a background check company refuses to cooperate, we are available to represent our clients to sue the background check company for money damages and make them comply. In rare cases, the prosecutor’s may appeal an expungement and we are available to defend our client’s victories at the Court of Appeals. We have a record of success in those courts.

Obtaining Results For Our Clients

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“I contacted this law firm when I wanted to get a charge that was dismissed expunged from my record. Attorney Mathews and his paralegal were very professional and did an excellent job handling my case. In fact, I wish I would have had Mr. Mathews as my attorney when the charge was brought against me. I would highly recommend him and his firm.”
Client – G.T.
“I am very pleased with your service and I would recommend it to anyone.”
Client – S.K.
“You all should feel great gratification for the work you have done because you have truly opened up many new doors for me. I can’t thank you enough!”
Client – H.V.
“I found ohioexpungementlaw.com by doing a Google search. I was hesitant at first because I was unaware of the process. I researched Gregory Mathews and the firm and was feeling better about the process after doing so. These people exceeded my expectations. I was informed every step of the way and I’m on the road to getting my last conviction sealed. I would recommend this office for sure!”.
Client – A.V.

What Other Attorneys Are Saying…

“Greg is a skilled practitioner who has helped countless people throughout Ohio get the records of their prior convictions sealed. I have assisted him as co-counsel in the Toledo and Northwest Ohio area, and found him to be well prepared, and a pleasure to work with. If your past is dragging you down, call Mr. Mathews to find out how he can help get that “monkey” off your back.” – Attorney Eric Marks, Criminal Defense Attorney in Toledo, OH

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Our Commitment to Excellence

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