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Why We Do Expungement Law

Our Clients Ask Us The Same Question

Posted on: February 25, 2021 | by: admin

Why Do You Focus On Expungement? We have represented clients in all 88 counties in Ohio over the last 25+ years of practicing expungement law, and after the dust settles from the… Read More

Appearing in Court for Your Hearing

Posted on: February 13, 2020 | by: admin

Did you know that you are not required to appear in court when applying for an expungement? Of course, there are exceptions based on the type of case that is presented, but… Read More

Finding a Firm You Can Trust

Posted on: March 4, 2018 | by: admin

Researching expungement in Ohio Ohio expungement options If you are reading this post, you are considering your options for expunging a criminal record for yourself, a friend or a love one. There… Read More

We Are There For You

Posted on: April 16, 2017 | by: admin

We Are There For You After Your Record is Expunged We stand behind our work, and we are available to our clients for questions or advise after their case. If an expunged… Read More

Expungement Proof

Posted on: March 30, 2017 | by: admin

We Give You Written Proof of Your Expungement The purpose of expungement is peace of mind. Our clients seek expungement for a number of reasons including job applications, professional licenses, gun ownership,… Read More

Notify Background Check Companies

Posted on: March 16, 2017 | by: admin

We Notify Key Background Check Companies Large background check companies provide information to the hundreds of smaller private background check companies that exist throughout the United States. This is a critical step… Read More

Removal of Public Records

Posted on: March 15, 2017 | by: admin

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Lawyer for Expungement Reason 7: Removal of Public Records The purpose of going through the Ohio expungement process is to seal past criminal record, so you… Read More

We Go To Court For You

Posted on: March 9, 2017 | by: admin

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Lawyer for Expungement Reason 6: We Go to Court FOR You We have represented clients from all over the world, because criminal convictions follow you wherever… Read More

We Go to Court With You

Posted on: March 4, 2017 | by: admin

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Lawyer for Expungement Reason 5: We Go to Court With You In Ohio, the expungement process requires a hearing for every application for expungement, also known… Read More

Knowledge is Power

Posted on: February 28, 2017 | by: admin

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Lawyer for Expungement Reason 4: Knowledge is Power The Judge has the discretion to determine whether they will grant, or deny, the application for sealing a… Read More