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#8 – Notify Background Check Companies

Posted on: December 14, 2020 | by: admin

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Lawyer for Expungement

Reason 8: We Notify Key Background Check Companies

Large background check companies provide information to the hundreds of smaller private background check companies that exist throughout the United States. This is a critical step in the expungement process.

When our clients come to use for expungement of their prior convictions, they want to be sure that an expungement will provide relief from those past convictions. If the conviction is still on record with Background Check agencies, the expungement process is not complete. And what we’ve found from talking to clients and some online research, other expungement firms charge an extra fee to complete this step.

Included in our Fees

When we quote fees for our services, it always includes notifying the background check companies. Once the expungement process is complete, we serve over 35 of the largest criminal background check companies with our client’s Court Order of Expungement to notify them to remove any record of the case in their files.

If you are talking to an expungement firm, be sure that the process of notifying these companies is part of the quote they have provided.

The Odds Were Against Me….

I came to Greg Mathews at www.OhioExpungementLaw.com for an Expungement and Sealing for an 8 year old conviction. This was my only conviction. I chose him because of his background as a prosecutor. I presumed that he’d know his way around a courtroom and I was certainly right!

My case was not an easy one. In fact, the odds were against me but I was confident in Greg! He showed diligence and professionalism and I was reassured. His office staff was also very kind and efficient.

I now have my clean record back thanks to Greg Mathews and his staff. It’s the most amazing feeling ever – very promising! I hold him to the highest regard. -H.G.

Reason 9: We Give You Written Proof of Expungement