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#2 – Attorney-Client Privilege

Posted on: January 25, 2021 | by: admin

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Lawyer for Expungement

Reason 2: Attorney-Client Confidentiality

Only a law firm can fully protect your personal and confidential information. You will be represented by licensed Ohio expungement attorney, and your private information will be legally protected by attorney-client confidentiality.

Meet Greg, who is our lead expungement attorney. Greg has been helping current and former residents of Ohio for 25 years obtain a record expungement of a criminal conviction. Our client testimonials show that Greg is trustworthy and honest and will work hard to see your expungement case through the process.

If you are considering an expungement of your record, please start with our free consultation. From there, Greg and team will work with you to learn the facts of your case, begin preparing the application paperwork and schedule to represent your case in court.

Reason 3: Preparation of Court Documents