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Appearing in Court for Your Hearing

Posted on: February 13, 2020 | by: admin

Did you know that you are not required to appear in court when applying for an expungement? Of course, there are exceptions based on the type of case that is presented, but we have helped clients who are not living in the country, in the state of Ohio, or who have extenuating circumstances that make going to court difficult. So if appearing in court is holding you back from applying for expungement, rest easy.

An Expungement hearing is required

The legal statute in the state of Ohio requires that all applications for expungement include a hearing before the court where the conviction was handed down. During the expungement hearing, the court will first rule on the eligibility of the application – reviewing the type and number of convictions, and confirming that the required waiting period has passed. After the eligibility review, the applicant will attempt to prove to the court that they have learned from their mistake, completed all of the required restitution applied by the court and have rehabilitated. The court will hear arguments from both the prosecutor and the applicant and will make a ruling on the status of the expungement application.

The Hearing goes on with or without you

If you choose to represent yourself, you will want to attend the expungement hearing. However, if you retain legal counsel to represent your expungement interests, the court will accept a written statement from you that can be presented by your attorney. We strongly recommend that you work with an expungement firm through the process, because if your application is denied, you could be stuck with that verdict until the law changes in your favor.

Working with an experienced expungement team

Our team has helped thousands of people with Ohio criminal records, work through the expungement process. We’ve successfully represented them and won their case, without them making an appearance. If you have court anxiety and need an experienced team, we’d invite you to find out if you are eligible for our free expungement consultation. After completing the consultation, we will reach out with information and next steps.