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Client Spotlight: From Ineligible to Eligible

Posted on: May 22, 2022 | by: admin

Our Client had 6 Felony Convictions

We interviewed a nice lady who had five felony convictions in Ohio and one felony conviction in another state. We wanted to help her but unfortunately, she was not eligible at the time of our interview. At that time, Senate Bill 66 limited a person to sealing no more than 5 felony convictions. A couple of years later, in April 2021, House Bill 1 further expanded the number of Felony Convictions that can be expunged. We contacted this prospect because we believed in her, and we had a plan that would make her eligible under the recent changes to the Expungement Statute.

We filed in the Ohio County where she had five felony convictions. The court required a hearing because the prosecutor filed an objection based on the number of her felony convictions. We were able to demonstrate to the Judge that our client met all the requirements of the statute and that she had genuinely turned her life around, raised a family, and was a contributor to her community. The Judge granted our client’s application to seal all her Ohio convictions, over the objections of the prosecutor. As an added benefit, the sealing of all her records in Ohio also made her eligible to proceed for expungement in the state where she had another felony conviction.

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