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About Ohio Expungement Law

We are Ohio’s Leader in Expungement and Record Sealing. Our Ohio law firm has been in business and located in central Ohio since 1988. We represent clients in all 88 counties in Ohio and some clients who have moved out of state.

As trial attorneys and former prosecutors, we have the knowledge and experience to have your criminal record sealed. We will review your case details with you and provide expert legal counsel on your options for expungement. If we take on your case and are not able to secure an expungement, we will refund any fees associated with your case.

The state of Ohio has dramatically changed the expungement statutes in Ohio over the last several years. If you have been previously turned down for expungement, now is the time to re-evaluate your eligibility. Start with our free, no-obligation eligibility test to get started.

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I worked with Gregory B. Mathews to get an expungement on two separate occasions, and he successfully secured an expungement both times. I now have clean slate, thanks to the skill and experience of Mathews & Gill. From the beginning, the process was easy and any issues or questions I had were answered honestly. I was impressed with how seriously Gregory B. Mathews, researched and prepared for my somewhat challenging and unique case. His professionalism was evident in all phases. I couldn’t be more pleased!


Very Pleased

I am very pleased with the assistance I received in submitting my expungement request. Although I have lived in another state for 9 years, the process was very timely and seamless without me having to return to Ohio to complete. Sarah, paralegal to Mr. Mathews, was very responsive and a pleasure to work with. Thank you very much.


Everything about my experience with the attorney and staff was phenomenal

When I first learned about the expungement laws being updated, I was filled with doubt. I reached out to two other local attorneys to discuss if I qualified for getting my record sealed. They seemed upset that I had wasted their time. I persisted further and came across Ohio Expungement Law  This persistence paid off. Marcus, a paralegal in the office, is a great communicator and was very prompt in answering all my questions. They helped me expunge two felonies and five misdemeanors in multiple counties and cases. I highly recommend this team. When I went to the court hearings with Attorney Greg Mathews, the judge made it a point to explain to me that he has never seen such a capable and thorough representation for this type of matter. If you have an old mistake from the past that keeps rearing its ugly head, I recommend reaching out to Attorney Mathews and Marcus for a conversation on how they can help. They helped change my life and make my future much brighter.